Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am much too busy to generate real content for this blog.

Hattie: im donig laundry today
me: oh little lady!
are you washing your underpants?
Hattie: if theres any in there
me: where do they go, hattie?
Hattie: in the trash bin
me: why do you throw your underwear in the trash bin?
Hattie: they're just dirty
Hattie: or they dissappear
i wash them over and over again
and then they smell like mold from the bsaement
all of my clothes do
even if i take it outright away

Hattie: you have to stop saying those things like 'well see if you're fake" [in the play] cuz its making me go DIZZERY SPAZO
sorry buggy
don't go dizzery spazo
i'm just hard on you because of my fierce love
Hattie: its sooo fierce
ok, should i just tell you how wonderful you are all the time?
Hattie: yeah seriously
you have the ability to control my self confidence
me: you're the best little actress i've ever seen!
your eyes are like dinner plates!
Hattie: oh gross!
me: emotional dinner plates!

Hattie: you were in my dream last night
me: did i look thin and fabulous?
Hattie: yeah
but you weren't running with me on the express way marathon
i was running like all day
and every now and then some cars would drive by
but we were on the expressway
me: hmm
Hattie: you were back at the hotel/college
runing felt so god
me: so it wasn't a nightmare
Hattie: well it got frusterating
we both were suppossed to hang out with ben but oculdn't get a hold of him
but then a plane held down a sign that said he made a commericial for me and this girl wilma
so i go back to college to see this girl wilma and its not a commercial it's a sign or something
and i started waking up and couldn't read anything and i wanted to read it sooo bad
it was one ofthose things where for every sentance a letter was underlined and it spelled something out at the end
and then i went to drew's banquet of life
and there were slitherin snakes who acted like dogs
and i got distracted and got into a nightmare esque shennanigan with these pets
when i came back they only had desrts and dad got mad
and you were in there someow
me: wow
you have a vivid memory
Hattie: yeah
the poster was green! bens handwriting looked slightly arabic
he looks slightly arabic
Hattie: umm
he looks just like aladdin

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yulichka said...

all of this is true