Monday, June 1, 2009

Six reasons this may be the best New Yorker ever (shameless self promotion post)

The Dan Clowes cover includes an alien who, like yours truly, would never touch a Kindle, even post-apocalypse; there is a poem by Sherman Alexie that begins "Here's a fact: Some people want to live more / Than others do"; Louis Menand defines creative writing workshops: "The workshop unscripted performance space, a regime for forcing people to do two things that are fundamentally contrary to human nature: actually write stuff (as opposed to planning to write stuff very, very soon), and then sit there while strangers tear it apart"; the lovely Ada Limon has a lovely poem; R. Crumb's Book of Genesis is excerpted for the first time by anyone anywhere, and I interviewed Pete Poplaski, his cartoonist comrade in the trenches of epic movie-watching, about the visual resources required to put faces on all those begats.

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