Monday, July 20, 2009

Lessons Learned from "500 Days of Summer"

How to entice men:

- Wear blue pajamas and talk about your dreams.
- Cry openly. When asked why you're crying, say that it's stupid.
- Have no ambitions.
- Pressure the person who's in love with you to have ambitions.
- Read Dorian Gray in public.
- Say you're not really looking for anything serious right now, or ever.
- Weigh 121 pounds.


personage said...

These seemed so off, I had to google what 500 days were. It makes sense now.

Catherine Lacey said...

There is an epidemic of non-agency affecting all female characters in hollywood movies.

Sophie said...

I will also add:

If you sit in the third row, Zooey Dechanel's hips look enormous.


Movies should not have punchlines.

N said...

Life plays like poker - rarely do you have a lock on the hands that are crucial. There is no certainty, only varying degrees of probability, and even the best hands get bad-beat. Oh yes, try and try you can, season after season, until that fateful game that you've already invested so much in lures you to give more than you own, and then breaks you. Then you realize that not only is the season done, but that there are no more seasons for you.