Saturday, July 11, 2009

Remember when my blog used to have content? Ohmigosh, me, too! Ben is supposed to be here, but he's an hour late. I fell asleep on the terrace with my head on my arm, and there's a big red mark on my forehead. I am super cool. If he doesn't get here soon I'm going to have to make seitan fajitas and play Scrabble all by myself. Do you know what are the best things in life? The Jackson Five, raspberry spritzer, sisters, sunlight, and waking up before your alarm goes off so you can just lie there and listen to the birds. Is going to so many yoga classes turning me into a crazy person? Writing a novel is so so hard.

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Michael Northrop said...

You still have content on here. It is just a little more, you know, sporadic. And to your credit, you haven't resorted to the vast array of gimmicks that some of us (unnamed) have.

I hope you enjoyed the fajitas.