Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I Don't Understand and Definitely Am Not Going to Talk About

For the past two weeks, for each good thing that has happened to me, approximately 3-17 bad or unlucky things have happened. It's a wonder I'm even standing, but I just tripped on the corner of 10th Ave & 49th and twisted my ankle, so I may not be standing for long.

I'm not so much worried about the future, as I am anticipatory of it. I want to fast forward to the next scene. In which I'm what? Riding a bicycle? Living in California? A person with long hair? Somewhere less humid. To make me feel better, Julia once said, "Don't worry. Soon you'll be pregnant and famous."

Harley the dog woke me at 6am. I resent that, but it's also nice to be out so early in the morning. The breeze from the river stirring the smells of the trash on the curb, a man asleep beside an open crate of mangoes, the metal accordion gates coming up.

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Michael Northrop said...

Oh no! I feel like I should somehow have foreseen/prevented your injury, Dead Zone–style. You didn't seem unsteady on 50th. (And here I am obligated to add) Well, no more than usual.

As of this morning, I am done with that neighborhood and its mango crates. Please keep an eye on it for me.