Saturday, August 22, 2009

Can I cook for you?

Last night, Sarah and I saw Julie and Julia. Was it everything I dreamed of and more? Yes. Because? Because I worship at the churches of Meryl Streep and Nora Ephron.

Some people might see this movie and want to learn to cook. I saw this movie and wanted to eat. Every single actor talks with their mouth full, and it is sexier than sex. The food is sexy.

I am adverse to learning to cook for the following reasons, both practical and psychological:

- I am not [yet] married to Chris Messina, or anyone else for that matter, and have no one to cook for but myself. If I made a recipe that yielded six servings I would either have to eat leftovers ad infinitum (boring) or eat all six servings in a sitting (dangerous). "Cut the ingredients list!" you say, and you're right, but I'm still cranky and lazy.
- One spends minutes, hours, days chopping, trimming, soaking, boiling, simmering, baking, and then when it's done, one injests the final product and it's gone forever. There's no lasting satisfaction. I think I'd rather make ceramics.

For lunch, I am eating a peanut butter sandwich and strawberries. Do you know what this is the fine cuisine of? Four-year-olds, everywhere.


Anonymous said...

This was my exact logic for the past, um, 6 years or so. However, I recently discovered that not only is cooking actually fun, but, most people are really happy and flattered to be given home-cooked food, even if it is leftovers. That doesn't solve the having no time problem though.

Maggie May said...

I never ever liked to cook until all the sudden, about four years ago, something happened. And now I KIND OF like to cook. But I definitely want to see this movie! I also worship Meryl and Nora.

Eric Z. said...

Saw it, loved it. Felt afterwards like I'd seen two separate short films, but in a good way.