Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More to Love

This show actually makes my brain explode. All the girls go on and on about how big is beautiful and real women have curves and then they say "When I kissed him I felt like a size 2 supermodel." WTF are you talking about? Or, "I'm a bigger girl, so I've never been on a date like this." Shoot, I've never been on a private jet either! It must be because I'm too fat to love! And if I see one more of them cry about getting picked last for teams, I am going to lose it. I was the uncoordinated asthmatic girl and I got picked last, too.

The producers are brilliant geniuses. I never thought I could feel so much sympathy and disgust simultaneously.

Would they make a dating show about anorexic women? Find a guy who likes 'em underweight and crying when they have to put on a swimsuit?

Sarah and I tried to come up with reality show ideas on Saturday. Or, I tried to come up with ideas, and she told me they were too cruel.

Take the Biggest Loser, but make them couples!, I said. And then the only way they'll get to see their loved one is if they meet their benchmark! Or what about Intervention meets The Bachelor! It could be like a sober living dating show!


Matt said...

There is a Biggest Loser: Couples, but I don't think they use your suggested format. They should though.

Dating in the Dark is a neat show.

personage said...

I don't know anything about reality shows, but you should definitely come hang out on my private jet once I get one.

Sophie said...

Ooooh, Dating in the Dark is awesome.

Leigh Stein said...

Finally! Someone invites me on their private jet!