Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Conversations with my aunt

Me: I got a new teaching job! I'll be teaching theater! To 100 kids, in groups of 20 (and I get an assistant).

Aunt Lisa: That's exciting! It would be fun to teach an adult improv class also. I would imagine there would be a lot of interest, in these times, as people are reinventing themselves.

Me: The improv for adults is a good idea! I've never taught adults before. I feel like I'm most confident around small children because I'm so much bigger and smarter than them.

Aunt Lisa: You'd be great. Besides some adults would be shorter and less keen!


newyorkette said...

is this extra work or a complete change?

Michael Northrop said...

Congratulations! That sounds fun. It's like a little army of sentient puppets that you can costume in outlandish ways.

personage said...