Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 6

Me: (pointing to picture of a rat) Who can tell me what a pest is? Has anyone heard that word before? What are "pests"?
2nd Grader: Little kids.
Me: (laughing) What else could "pests" mean?
2nd Grader: Big kids.


5th Grader: Do you have a twin?
Me: Do I have a twin?
5th Grader: You look just like our drama teacher.
Me: Like Miss Leigh?
5th Grader: Yeah.
Me: I am Miss Leigh.


Me: Can anyone find where they live on this map? My house is in Brooklyn.
Kindergartener: You live in a house?
Me: You don't think I live in a house? What do I look like?
Kindergartener: Like you live on the streets.


Tilt Press said...

tell me you've made this up. I loved the part about you having a "twin". Hysterical.

Guada G Narbaitz said...

I love the twin one. It cracked me up. Kids sometimes are...

Catherine Lacey said...

I love this so much.

Stephanie Goehring said...

I live for these posts. So funny!

newyorkette said...