Saturday, September 19, 2009

Detailed details

Yesterday was my last day at the New Yorker. I have no regrets. Maybe this blog will come back from the dead.

Today I taught my first musical theater class of the fall trimester. It included: dance warmup to the Jackson Five, kid-choreographed wild rumpus dances in a reenacted Where the Wild Things Are, "Tomorrow" from Annie, and an awesome pantomimed Antarctica which included ice skaters, penguins, snowball fighters, and a hand maiden of hot chocolate. Don't you want to be in my class?

Monday is my first day at my other (new) teaching job in Sheepshead Bay. I'm sure I will tell you all about it.

Does no one want to see Jude Law in Hamlet with me?


newyorkette said...

we'll miss you! but you can still come to softball! all alumni come, and we need not miss you at beer and pizza next spring!

Benjamin said...

I would love to come see Hamlet, but unfortunately I live a little far for a night at the theatre.

newyorkette said...

are tickets easy to come by? I'd LOVE to see Jude Law in Hamlet.