Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where is Egypt

Genuine thanks to everyone who came to the library reading last night. I think it was a success. It felt like a success. It felt like Hogwarts. I'm blessed to have so many friends.

For those who were there, you'll know what I mean about the intense pressure to maintain the hilarity of this blog...but the only way to really maintain the hilarity is to have my kids continue to say ridiculous things on a daily basis. Good news. Today I asked the kindergarteners to think of some animals who live in Africa (leading up to us performing the first 30 seconds of "The Circle of Life").

M: Jaguars!
Me: Sure, jaguars...what else?
A: I am in Africa.
Me: You are in Africa? No, where are you? Where is A?
Me: You're in America!
A: My grandpa...
Adult Counselor: She's not from Africa, she's from Egypt like me.
Me: You're from Egypt? But Egypt is in Africa!
Adult Counselor: No it's not.
Me: (sound of my brain exploding)

***Let it be known that there is no way in hell I could make any of this up. Someone thought that Monday's wild things remarks were INVENTED.


I am not nearly that creative.

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David said...

So I would not be a faithful employee of the Field Museum if I didn't point out that Jaguars are native only to the New World. Just sayin'.