Saturday, November 7, 2009

Department of Mental Hygiene

It's been a busy week and I've made some bad choices. My liver is crying. I'm taking a mental health day. And by taking a mental health day I mean going to work like usual, but then maybe going to yoga later and ending up in bed by 8pm with a DVD of Sunset Boulevard and some dinner most likely made from a box.


(homework help)
Me: So, after reading this article, can you tell me what monument you'd like to write about?
G: Let's ask Miss J., she knows how to do the homework!
Me: I know how to do the homework, I'm just trying to help you with it!
G: Then what's the answer?
Me: Why don't we look at these pictures again...which one do you want to write about?
G: This one.
Me: The Taos Pueblo. Write that over there.
G: We have that word like in Spanish, but it's puebla.
Me: I've been there, to the Pueblo. Do you think you'd like to go there?
G: It looks like Mexico, like hot.
Me: It is hot, you're right! Why do you think this monument is in danger?
G: Um...because...these people be leaving trash everywhere.
Me: That's right. They're tourists. They're littering. Do you know what "tourist" means? Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty?
G: When I was inside my mom.
Me: You were a tourist.

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