Monday, November 9, 2009

Every move you make

There are two videos of me you may be interested in watching if you have absolutely nothing else to do.

One is me reading at the New York Public Library. Fast forward to minute 19 and watch Jason Koo's intro.

And the second is of me training children to be pigeons:

TOON Books presents "Luke on the Loose" from TOON Books on Vimeo.


Stephanie Goehring said...

Nice reading! And nice pigeons!

Meggy_FFW said...

beautiful leigh

weird to hear my name


Michael Northrop said...

That is very cooo-l.

Benjamin said...

Wish I would have been in the audience.

Rachel Mallino said...

You are so funny, Leigh!! "now I'm going to read a funny poem" - because the other poems weren't??!!!

Also - anyone who laughs in the middle of reading one of their poems is awesome.

And Herzog and Herzog....