Thursday, December 17, 2009

Books Read in 2009

7 more than last year. Not so bad for a year in which I worked three jobs simultaneously, went to school part-time, and did at least five novel revisions. Standouts in bold.

1. Reborn/Susan Sontag
2. This Clumsy Living/Bob Hicok

3. Self-Help/Lorrie Moore (re-read)
4. Mother Courage/Brecht
5. Threepenny Opera/Brecht
6. Flu Season/Will Eno
7. Fires in the Mirror/Anna Deavere Smith
8. Waiting for Godot/Beckett (re-read)
9. Happy Days/Beckett (re-read)
10. The Chairs/Ionesco
11. Eurydice/Sarah Ruhl
12. The Magician's Book/Laura Miller

13. The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?/Albee
14. Rising, Falling, Hovering/C.D. Wright
15. How to Believe in God/Clark Strand
16. The Homecoming/Pinter
17. Celebration/Pinter
18. Cloud Nine/Caryl Churchill
19. Angels in America/Kushner (re-read)
20. Marat/Sade/Weiss
21. No One Belongs Here More than You/Miranda July (re-read)
22. The Noonday Demon/Andrew Solomon
23. Cost/Roxana Robinson
24. Ohio Violence/Alison Stine

25. Demons in the Spring/Joe Meno
26. The Russian Debutante's Handbook/Gary Shteyngart
27. A Gate at the Stairs/Lorrie Moore
28. The Last of Her Kind/Sigrid Nunez
29. Kingdon of Ordinary Time/Marie Howe
30. Enchanted Hunters/Maria Tatar
31. The Sun's House/Kurt Caswell
32. Anagrams/Lorrie Moore
33. Tsim Tsum/Sabrina Orah Mark
34. Oneiromance/Kathleen Rooney

35. A Darkness Visible/William Styron
36. The Great Gatsby/Fitzgerald


Matt said...

definitely better than me. i finished 13 books, at least 8 of which i started in 2008, only 3 of which were non-poetry. i still might finish Bartleby the Scrivener in the next two weeks though.

Hattie said...

you should bolden The Great Gatsby

Tilt Press said...

Leigh, did you like A Darkness Visible?

Leigh Stein said...

I did like A Darkness Visible! It didn't make my "best of the best," but I thought it was a great essay on the nature of mental illness, and how unquantifiable and unqualifiable the pain is.

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