Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ho ho ho

For Christmas, Hattie gave my dad a red envelope filled with dollars and quarters. "It would be a pleasure if you would escort me to Best Buy so that I can buy you digitally remastered Beatles albums," it said.

My mom got us onesie pajamas.

I've been sick with a cold for eleven days. When I broke out in a rash, I finally went to see a doctor, but they said it's just viral and there's nothing I can do but rest and continue to take pseudophedrine. I think all this pseudophedrine is making me retarded. I've been making a lot of jokes about throwing myself down a well.

Add to that lots of stress at home, which I've been alleviating by prolific shopping.

Dreamed I moved to Los Angeles and got around by bicycle. Los Angeles looked like New Mexico.

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DTHITY said...

Do NOT take that as a sign to move to Los Angeles and/or New Mexico. Come back to New York!!!!