Saturday, January 9, 2010

4th grade

For the past couple months, if a student was being disruptive during homework time, I would send him (always a him) to "Siberia," which is what I named the back of the room, away from all the other desks. Yesterday I found out I'm not allowed to use that part of the classroom. Anyway:

- From now on, this table is going to be Siberia.
- But it's not far away!
- It is far away, it's isolated.
- ICE-scalated?
- What does that mean?
- Remote, far away, separate.
- Miss Leigh, are you a dictionary? What's the definition of no? What's the definition of book?


Maggie May said...

well? what IS the definition of a book? is it a book if it's on Kindle ;)

Leigh Stein said...

I think I said something like, "printed material bound together." I should totally have a Kindle vs. "physical" book debate with them, I think they'd be all over that.