Sunday, January 10, 2010

reading/thinking about

* Dara Wier, Selected Poems

"He showed how humans stand
and wait with their honest day's

work in their hands
for the ones they love to return

when where they've been
has been far off and treacherous."
- "Winslow Homer's Blues"

* Bookslut interview with Daniel Nester

"No one can really measure if a poem is good or not. It’s all a voucher system based on mutual fear; it depends on the previous generation bringing people into the fold. Whole books of poets publishing other poets, poets going to see other poets read. It’s an unsustainable system. Even the most niche of niche art forms have an audience. Not so with contemporary poetry."

* Is "scene" an uglier way of saying "community"? Is "community" a nicer way of saying "scene"?


Eric Z. said...

"Scene" can imply contempt for the catalyst bringing the group together--the club, the charasmatic host, the trend. It can also imply that the catalyst is negative space, that the scene is forming around something, but the something at the center is a sham. Also can imply that the folks in/at/of the scene are gathering for the act of being seen.

Amy said...

I think scene is if it's cool, community is if it's not. At least, I think that's how it is in England.

Amy said...
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Amy said...
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