Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ten points for anyone who can figure out what this food is.

"I'll admit it, it's cliché but I’m still writing you letters
My room here is cosy and sparsely decorated with posters of Big Sur
I've never been there, but I want you to take me
Though I think that paradise is a place you visit and not a place you live
That's why everything is better in Manhattan..." - Casey Dienel, "Everything is Better in Manhattan"


S: Miss Leigh, what are you?
L: German and Irish.
S: If you're Irish, where are your ears? (demonstrates something from the Hobbit)
L: Where are my Leprechaun ears? Is that what you're asking me?
S: N. is Irish and he has them.
(It's true, his ears are pointier than mine.)
L: You're Polish, right?
S: Yes, what Polish words do you now?
L: ...pierogi?
S: I LOVE PIEROGI, THEY'RE MY FAVORITE. I will draw you a picture of my other favorite. This is a [word I don't remember]. On the bottom is the meat, and there's an egg on top.
L: And then you cook it?
S: No, raw. And then you put in do you say? Like a cucumber, but not.
L: A pickle?
S: A pickle! And then you put the black sauce in the bottle that goes on a pizza.
S: You know.
L: Vinegar?
S: No...
L: Balsamic vinegar?
S: Yes! And then you mash it all together and put it on bread.


David said...

Tartare, right?

The Eastern Cynic said...

According to the internet, it's meatloaf.

Leigh Stein said...

David wins! David, have you eaten this?

Elisa Gabbert said...

Damn, someone beat me. I knew it was steak tartare, but have never eaten such a disgusting concept. I have eaten tuna tartare, which was probably egg-free.

David said...

I have not, though I did have a friend in high school who chose to eat this as his pre-dance Senior Prom dinner. I don't imagine it went over very well with his date, whom he was desperately and unrequitedly in love with.

Where can I record my 10 points? Are they mine to allocate as I wish? Can I redeem them for toys or cash?

Leigh Stein said...

David, beginning at the 1,000 points level, they are redeemable for ponies.