Thursday, February 25, 2010

in the realms of the unreal

Last weekend, my mom was in town for her birthday. We went to no less than two poetry readings, one museum, one movie, one Plaza hotel, and one Crunch gym, to try and negate all the scones and chocolate bread pudding we consumed. She met many of my friends. For one of the days, I was crippled with a migraine and throwing up, but my mom bought me ginger ale and let me sleep with an ice pack over my face.

Going to school is hard, and sometimes I have nightmares about not finishing my homework, but I like it. I think I prefer stress to boredom. Or, I find boredom to be more stressful than a challenge.

Why doesn't the American Folk Art museum have more Dargers displayed? I thought they had a huge collection.


Carly said...

Hey Leigh! The museum has over 5,000 pieces in its permanent collection, so while we are home to the Henry Darger Study Center and are the caretakers of Darger's archives, we can't always have a lot of his stuff on display. Fortunately though, starting on April 6, you'll be able to come visit “The Private Collection of Henry Darger.” Come back and check it out then!

Leigh Stein said...

Did a museum staff member just seriously reply to my blog post?!!?! I can't wait to see more of the collection!

Jordan said...

I love your folk art that you have here! Thanks so much for sharing!