Thursday, February 4, 2010

send me somewhere

At last, some good things this week: I'll be in Best of the Web 2010, and my ears are burning.

This has been my first week taking undergrad classes at Brooklyn College. I'm going back to finish my BA. Why?, some have asked. Good question. So I can maybe some day possibly go to grad school? So my parents will love me harder? So that I don't have to work three jobs and only have to work two instead? I'm worried I'll gain the freshman fifteen for the fourth time, as this is my fourth college. Yesterday, I ran 4.5 miles, but I'm pretty sure all that did was cancel out the cup of yogurt-covered pretzels I ate while I was recovering my brain from Iliad-reading with Real Housewives-watching.

Trying to decide what to do this summer, based on:
a) not having money
b) not having a car

I could:
a) Just take the job I've been offered, to teach drama on the beach in Coney Island, but it isn't enough hours to totally sustain me. I'd have to get another part-time job, and who wants to commute from Ditmas Park to Coney Island to x every day?
b) take summer classes

I'd love to:
a) find something to do or something to teach in another state, preferably in the west, that will give me a little $ and not require me to have a car

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