Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is this interesting?

Just read this in the Times. Can you believe that is an article? Is this interesting? Do we learn something from this? New Yorkers love eating bagels? (True.) Sometimes writers take a day off from writing so that they can have something to write about? (True.)

I just finished my French homework, and wrote a page of a new short story that is about a fortune teller, a Nigerian, and cervical dysplasia. I'm gonna go for a run in this gorgeous, surprising new sunlight, and then still to do when I return:

- Read 55 pages of The Iliad (then I will be finished with the book. Last night, I read Book 22, in which Achilles ties Hector's dead body to his chariot and drags him around while his mother and wife scream and pull their hair out)
- Finish art history reading on ancient Greece
- Read and mark up article for this stupid CUNY competency test I have to take on Tuesday, where I have to show up and basically prove I know how to read and compare things
- Type up six page handwritten play by 4th grader about the time she went to Atlantic City with her cousins and fell down a staircase on her way to get ice cream (this was in response to a prompt: tell me about something that only happened to you once and which you never forgot, which I stole from Nick Flynn's essay about teaching kids in Crown Heights)

Going to hear Joshua Beckman and Matthew Rohrer read at Zinc tonight with my new friend Lauren.

I haven't eaten any bagels today, but I eat bagels so often that I need one day a week where I don't eat bagels, so that when I do eat bagels they're that much better. /writing metaphor joke

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Andrés Norman Castro A. said...

While I was about to finish reading the article, I thought that Sunday was THE day she turned ON her brain…

…On a funny note, the Simpsons have inspired some of my poems!