Monday, March 29, 2010

Summer in Paris? You thought I'd never ask!

I have a new chapbook out from Mondo Bummer, the "disappointing" micropress run by the lovely Amy Berkowitz. Amy says:

"Stein's Summer in Paris will take you to Paris (bien sur!), to the personals column, and finally into the arms of Mr. Right. There is no Russian word for fun, but these poems aren't in Russian!"

For only $2, this is a bargain of a disappointment. I usually spend way, way more money on my disappointments.

Get it here.

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Andrés Norman Castro A. said...

Congrats! It really cracked me up, when I read the introductory post for "Mondo Bummer":

"I am getting published"..."...I think someone just printed them out..."..."hey, but they got mermaid stickers on their favorite poems..."

very creative, so congrats for being part of that!