Monday, March 22, 2010

You're listening to NPR

Last week, many of you answered my siren call and steered your ships right into the rocky coast of my puppetry island.

In just one week, we have reached 60% of the funds needed to release puppets from my desk drawer, bring them to Denver, and film them being manipulated and handled by famous internet people such as yourselves.

If you are just tuning in to my radio station, I am asking for donations in order to purchase a Flip Cam so that I can bring puppets to Denver. And in return for your generous support of shenanigans:

for $5, I will record a video of a puppet of my choosing reading a poem of your choosing
for $10, I will make a puppet that resembles you or a loved one and this puppet will ride in my suitcase and join my cast of characters (please send reference photos to leighstein (at) gmail)

AWP Fun Raiser ends April 6, 2010.

The puppets thank you.

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