Monday, April 12, 2010

back from, how do you say, our long national nightmare?

Matt Cozart is calling AWP our long national nightmare, but I think that's just because each facebook status had the letters D-E-N-V-E-R in it for days. I am extremely tired and happy. I remember going to dance parties and feeling like I was at a bar mitzvah. I remember eating more Taco Bell than is recommended. I remember watching I Love You Man with Jason Koo at three in the morning because I had to take a 4:30am shuttle to the airport and because he is a good friend. I remember doing Liz Hildreth's hair. Twice. I remember riding an elevator with Mike Young and listening to romantic poetry. Hyatt stairwell guerilla reading 2010: never forget.

I will be posting approximately one puppet movie each day over at the puppet blog, so please add it to your personal blogging organizer of choice. I won't always be mentioning them here in this blog, but today I will. Today is Chad Sweeney day, everybody.

#9 from "The Lost Notebooks of Juan Sweeney" / Chad Sweeney from Leigh Stein on Vimeo.

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Matt said...


but puppet videos are its one redeeming feature.