Friday, April 2, 2010

Only five days left to get your face

Either I am really lucky, or I am really blessed, to have so many friends. My AWP "fun" raiser to bring puppets to Denver is 82% funded. If you have thought about joining the fun, but haven't yet, it is not too late! On Easter, I will be supervising a tiny puppet factory in my living room, and your face could be a part of it.

for $5, I will record a video of a puppet of my choosing reading a poem of your choosing
for $10, I will make a puppet that resembles you or a loved one and this puppet will ride in my suitcase and join my cast of characters (please send reference photos to leighstein (at) gmail)

Please email for address if you are more comfortable sending a check in the mail. I promise I am legit. Google me. I exist.

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