Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coney Island cast breakdown

This summer I'm directing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at a summer camp directed by the YWCA, at a public school in Coney Island. I have about 62 kids. 46 are Oompa Loompas. Yesterday, I assigned parts and realized that this show can't be anything but amazing. Here are my leads:

Charlie Bucket - 4th grader from Uzbekistan, says "Villy Vonka," can also do cockney accent and translate books into Russian off the top of his head
Veruca Salt - 4th grader from Ukraine, freckled and sarcastic. When I put my hand on her shoulder to congratulate her for getting Veruca she said, "Don't touch me."
Violet Beauregard - 4th grader from Colombia, already an insatiable gum chewer
Augustus Gloop - 4th grader who once drew me a unicorn on command
Mike Teavee - Burmese 4th grader who can do math faster in his head than I can
Willy Wonka - Israeli/Belgian 4th grader who once told me that with blush on, I look like his grandmother
Grandpa Joe - Italian 6th grader who was held back a year and wants to be Babe Ruth when he grows up


Katharine Tillman said...

Get your Tony speech ready, Leigh.

becca said...

God, kids are amazing. You can't make this stuff up. Let us know when the big show is!

AMA said...

WOW. amazing. I want to go, please. I also want their autographs.

allanbard said...

It will be a great show I guess! ;) I love this book, it's among those ones that could be read by both adults and kids and these are the good books for children... It seems it's quite an experience to create such show?
Good luck, Let the wonderful noise of the sea always sounds in your ears! ( agreeting of the water dragons'hunters - my 1st Tale Of The Rock Pieces).