Monday, August 23, 2010

he's making a Dostoyevsky mad-face or Russian basso be-bop Om

Jack Kerouac wandering along East 7th Street after visiting Burroughs at our pad, passing statue of Congressman Samuel "Sunset" Cox, "The Letter-Carrier's Friend" in Tompkins Square toward corner of Avenue A, Lower East Side; he's making a Dostoyevsky mad-face or Russian basso be-bop Om, first walking around the neighborhood, then involved with The Subterraneans, pencils & notebook in wool shirt-pockets, Fall 1953, Manhattan.

Spent the weekend in DC, sleeping and eating peaches. Saw this Ginsberg photography exhibit at the National Gallery. Neal Cassady is so good-looking.

Finished The English Patient on the bus ride back. It's a romantic book about men who abandon women, and the women who pine for the men who abandon them. I'd like to see a man write a book, in which a woman has an objective other than to fill her empty heart with sex. I also finally got around to reading the article in New York magazine about how having children makes you less happy. More joy, less happiness.

I'm glad it's raining.

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