Thursday, October 28, 2010

music and memory

Memory No. 1, Winter 2005
Rachmaninoff, Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor
This was the exact length of my commute from 163 Carlton in Ft. Greene to a penthouse apartment on West 72nd and Riverside, where I did paralegal work for an art lawyer. I had a pink tweed coat, a pink hat with pink fur trim, and pink gloves. If the lawyer was in a good mood, she let me wear her yellow feathered headband from New Zealand and called me Frida. I had a lot of panic attacks in her bathroom. (categorized under: the costume/anxiety dichotomy)

Memory No. 2, Spring 2006
New Pornographers, Twin Cinema
I listened to this CD on my discman while I ran around Andersonville. I liked running up and down Ravenswood, along the traintracks, and over to Winnemac Park. In the spring, there was prairie grass. I remember my apartment was $450 a month and I had a walk in closet, a sun porch, a pantry, and a dining room. (categorized under: nostalgia for Chicago)

Memory No. 3, Spring 2008
Brandi Carlile, The Story
I listened to this in New Mexico. Specifically, I listened to this on I-40, in the car with my parents, driving to Santa Fe on vacation, three months after I had moved away. Specifically, it makes me think of the part of I-40 right outside the Albuquerque city limits, when the billboards get sparser, on the way to Bernalillo. (categorized under: how to describe the landscape)

Memory No. 4, Summer 2010
Sprawl II w/Lily

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Jim Marr said...

Yes,amazing how the music can be so tightly coupled with certain events in our lives. I saw your reference to Ms. Carlisle's song and I recall that song playing when I was writing my memoir. I thought of including some of it in the manuscript but to avoid copyright approvals and all of that I left it out.