Monday, November 22, 2010

i would rather be writing poems

Idea of inherited sin is very Greek.

Guilt is contagious.

Petrarch and Racine drawing on Greek model of desire that just happens to you, attacks you; something to be feared. Passion attacks you. Coup de foudre.

Passion, jealousy, lies.

medias res

Theseus has a long history of killing monsters. Montrer, monstre, demonstration, remonstrance.

Theseus’s life based on virility. Oedipal fear.

Historically, taking the queen is a quick way to kingship.

Amazon = without a breast

4.6 Oenone becoming a monster (all the monsters have to die).

Everyone who keeps Phaedra’s secret is poisoned by it.

Theseus’s punishment is to be left the survivor.

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