Sunday, January 16, 2011

J'aime ma soeur

I sent Hattie pictures of my new haircut.

Hattie said, "i'm going to send you some different facial expressions responding to your haircut"

I said, "please do"

#1 is like mom crying when she hears people sing

"omg it's so beautiful!"

#2 is yea girl

3 is an older guy saying yeah, pretty cool

4 is awwww!


6 is a guy hitting on you

7 is i want to pinch you

8 is like presenting you at a show

9 is a little gremlin looking at your hair and liking it
my nose is so much more bulbous than yours at the end
do you ever think about that?


Brendan said...

The haircut is great, but man, those one-shoulder dresses.

Matt said...

your new haircut is the thing that was different about you that i meant to compliment you on but couldn't because i realized it too late, which i am making up for now:

nice haircut!

Leigh Stein said...

Brendan, I was going to say I am a one-shoulder addict, but then I remembered I only have this one dress. I am an enthusiast.

Matt, nice beard!

bunkywu said...

beauuuutiful! imagine my bravo face. LOVE the envious gremlin face. well done hattie.

Catherine Lacey said...

I love it! You going to KGB tonight?

Liz said...

I LOVE YOUR SISTER. And your haircut!

newyorkette said...

how come bangs always look better on everyone else? I love it! I wish I looked like this when I cut my bangs!c