Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We don't live here anymore

Here is the diet diary of someone who is working three part-time jobs while going to school full time:

8:30am - instant oatmeal
10:30am - no time to get coffee, get Dr. Pepper from vending machine and feel disgusting
12:20pm - get tuna sandwich from the cafeteria that you eat in the twenty minutes you have to cram for your history exam
2:45pm - yogurt (snack)
5:45pm - Lunchable because CVS is out of sandwiches, and you need to eat dinner before your night class
7:30pm - 2 mini Dove chocolates (snack)
7:30pm - vitamin water
9:30pm - whiskey

You, too, can have this body! Just follow my regimen, and take the stairs whenever you can. (But no other exercise allowed.)

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