Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Modern Discourse

Guy in my modernism class: Isn't there a contradiction [in the Futurist manifesto] when they say they want to scorn women, but in the next line they say they want to demolish feminism?
Prof: What do you mean by contradiction?
Guy: Aren't they Futurists? Aren't they supposed to love everything about the future, like feminism?
Girl sitting next to him: Yeah, that was confusing to me, too.
Me: Uh...I don't see how this is a contradiction. The Futurists were a bunch of 20-something dudes sitting around talking about war and guns and destroying things.
Guy: So is it a reaction to feminism starting in Italy?
Prof: What? I don't know what you mean...I mean, feminism is a pretty broad term that we would need to be more specific...definitely with the Symbolists, women were idealized in a different way...
Guy: So the symbolists invented feminism? And the Futurists were against that?

Then I put my head down on my notebook and went into a coma.

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Naomi Ruth said...

Oh... Oh dear *shakes head*