Saturday, April 23, 2011

currently reading: Women of the West

Ever felt vexed by a lazy roommate? You're not the first.

I am reading excerpts from Mary Richardson Walker's diary, in Women of the West by Cathy Luchetti and Carol Olwell.

Tuesday, April 23, 1838.
I feel vexed. This is the third morning I have omitted the sweeping when I first got up just to see if Mrs. E. would not take her turn. Sunday morning when I commenced sweeping she remarked she would have done it but supposed I had already. But the floor was so dirty had she looked at it she could not decently avoid sweeping. But some how she managed to get to the tubs & I would not be so impolite as to crowd her away, so while she was washing her clothes I just swept the room. This morning I wished to make haste & iron while babe slept so left an opportunity for her to sweep again. But I left it go till ten o'clock when she took her knitting & walked off after cracking & scattering about nut shells. So I have swept the room with a vengence [sic]. I have washed the room every week while we have been here & she not once & I think she shirks more than is decent. Evening, have got plenty words to say.

If women's pioneer diaries turn you on, follow me on Twitter, where I'll be posting more brief excerpts from this primary source document treasure trove (trousseau?).

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