Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Currently re-reading

"That gorilla I met, the one who signs, was given a push, but it didn't work. The people with whom she lives wanted her to mate. They brought in a suitable male, younger and larger than she, and set them up to cohabit. The female gorilla signed to him things like, 'Hurry up' (and give her more bananas) and 'Truck not yours' (a Tonka toy truck). Neither gorilla would make a move, so the people rented an X-rated film and screened it for the primates. It held the gorillas' attention, and when the film was over, the female gorilla signed to the male, 'Climb up on my back.' But he did not have her language skills, and did not otherwise take the hint."

- Amy Hempel, Tumble Home

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