Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today is my birthday

It's hard to resist the urge to invent units of measure for each passing year.

My 26th year, in accomplishments: I sold two books, I had a chapbook published, I taught over one hundred and fifty kids, and I got straight A's. Can I get my ears pierced now?*

In books: I discovered Bluets by Maggie Nelson, To the Lighthouse, and Eula Biss.

In bad news: I went to two funerals, I was dumped three times, I had the worst major depressive episode I've had in years, and I wrote approximately 0 new poems.**

In blessings: I was surrounded by wonderful friends who are patient and forgiving with me, I moved in with my boyfriend, and I got to spend a week in Santa Fe.

* In third grade, my BFF Kate was promised she could get her ears pierced when she got straight A's. I had to wait until eighth grade. "But I always get straight A's and I never get anything!" I said to my parents, crying hysterically. They caved.

** Not including collaborations with Rob MacDonald, who keeps me from feeling irrelevant.


Elisa said...

You managed to get dumped three times in a year, then meet someone and move in together? Dang lady, you've got an active love life. Color me IMPRESSED.

Also, happy birthday you tiny badass.

Leigh Stein said...

Thanks, Elisa. I moved in with one of the people who dumped me, after he became a new person. Happy endings!

Elisa said...

Oh! Very happy. Congrats!

Dmitriy said...

Happy Birthday!!

Preordering your book now.

Rob MacDonald said...

No other new poems?!?! I'm honored and crushed all at once. Considering your publishing success, I think you may get a free pass for this year, though.

Hope the birthday is a good one.

Ricky Garni said...

I know you never believe me, but what you write in your blog is only a hair's breadth away from beautiful poetry. I actually feel it is poetry, but you say No, poetry is carefully crafted, well, I don't think you are ever anything but that. When you write, that's what you are writing. I bet a few people above would agree and maybe we can politely shout you down on this.