Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Life is So Fabulous like Whoa

Conversation with friend on Thursday:

Friend: Want to go to super exclusive book party with me where we will meet fabulous people? It starts at 10:00.
Me: When, tonight? I can't, I have to go to class in the morning and last week I was 10 min. late and the professor locked me out and wouldn't let me in.
Friend: Oops, not tonight. Next Wednesday.
Me: Next Wednesday I have my night class.
Friend: No worries. How about tonight at 7:00, I'm going to a party, free cocktails and snacks?
Me: I have to work late.


Conversation with boyfriend:

Boyfriend: How are we getting to the movie?
Me: Let's call a car.
[the car comes but we don't go downstairs fast enough and we watch car drive away]
Me: Let's give up.
Boyfriend: No, you really wanted to see the movie, let's see if we can get another car...
Me: I give up.
Boyfriend: C'mon, let's try.
Me: [as I pull his arm away from curb] Let's just go inside and watch Werner Herzog movie on DVD and eat pizza from a box.


Last week, I was interviewed for the Daily News. The reporter asked what I liked to do for fun. "For fun?" I said. "You know," he said, "like in your free time."

"Watch reality TV shows and write poems about them," I said. I literally could not think of a single other thing I do "for fun." Eat pizza from a box? Oh, and visit the Anthropologie website, which is part of my elaborate fantasy life. Maybe that's what my answer should have been: "I have an elaborate fantasy life."

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