Friday, January 13, 2012

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Everyone's been saying, "You must be so excited for your book tour." And I was excited, I mean I am, but maybe not for the reasons you would expect. One reason I am excited is because I get to do a lot of traveling, and that means I get to read a lot of books.

Currently reading: Lit by Mary Karr

Most of what I am loving here are Karr's sentences: her off-kilter rhythm; her verbs; her metaphors ("across the night sky, the wind sends slim white stitches")

"We loved each other this way, Daddy and I, from afar. We're like totem animals in each other's foreign cosmologieslike islanders whose ancestral gods favor each other. Each of us represented to the other what little we knew of love inside that family, but whoever I've turned into has wiped away who I was as a kid, whoever he once loved. Age about twelve, I'd ceased to shoot pool and scale fish, stopped tuning in to the Friday night fights after Ali and Liston, nor did I follow the Yankees with the intensity Daddy thought their due."

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