Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dispatch from the Lilac Capital of the World

This is Ellie. I've known her since she was 11. She has starred in every play (three) I've ever written. She says I better use her name in my next book, or else.

Yesterday's event was the toast of the town of Lombard, IL. My friend Mark (who was the only boy I could get to act in all the skits about tenement slums that I wrote in 3rd grade) says my book is the most exciting thing to happen to Lombard since abolitionist Sheldon Peck used his home to help slaves escape via the Underground Railroad.

Here's a picture of me being the Little Mermaid, in a seashell chair. I would have stolen it if I thought it would fit in a carry-on.

 Attractive young people, excited about my book.

 Me and my sister Hattie, Lush employee and master portrait photographer.

"Pretend you're all talking to her," Hattie said.

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