Thursday, January 12, 2012

How many of my book's characters live in Milwaukee? Click here to find out!

Last night, my little sister Hattie and I drove to Milwaukee. Along the way we passed a sign for Mars Cheese Castle that had been reduced to an illuminated MA CHEE, but there was no time to stop, even though my passion for cheese is immense and insatiable. We had to get to Boswell Book Company, which is big and cozy and next to a Starbucks, making it the perfect place to spend every day of your life.

There I am, my little head, in their window! Hattie took about 6,000 pictures of this window. I am in many of them, off to the side in shadow, like the madwoman in the attic.

We had a modest but enthusiastic crowd of book/poetry/puppet lovers. One mother came with her daughter, a recent college grad, and after I signed a copy of my novel for them, the mom whispered, "I just bought her Cinnamon Toast Crunch yesterday."

A young blonde woman asked if I'd been to an MFA program (No) and if she should go to one (Only if they pay you).

 Here's me, poised between thriller and fiction, JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE.

Then Hattie and I went to eat cheese, I mean dinner, and our waitress's name was JOCELYN*. This will be extremely significant if you've read the novel.

Thanks for the great night, Milwaukee!

*Truth be told, she spelled it JOZLYNNE, but I didn't know that til we got the check. The rest of the time, I thought it was Jocelyn.

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StacieMichelle said...

You were a hoot, Leigh! Thanks for keeping us all amused with your reality T.V. haiku and astute snark.

As for Boswell being "the perfect place to spend every day of your life." - I can vouch for this truth and am glad it felt that way for you, too.