Sunday, January 1, 2012

What I read last year

Every year, I keep a list of the books I have read in a cloth journal with a rainbow cover that my ex-boyfriend's dad bought me in 2007. If you are a writer, people will give you blank journals for every occasion. Often these journals are too nice to write in (there's the anxiety of writing something horrible on paper and having it live there forever until your children find it and wonder why mom was so crazy).

I read 33 books this year, 11 more than last year. I read three books last week alone, while having the most luxurious vacation ever. (Luxury, to me, is unscheduled time spent in a beautiful place.) (Another definition of luxury is getting upgraded to first class for free, something that has never happened to me.)

I loved almost every single one of these books, and picked four for my list of the best poetry books of 2011. My very favorites, books I'll probably read again, are in bold.

1. Smiles of the Unstoppable/Jason Bredle
2. Either Way I'm Celebrating/Sommer Browning
3. Some Ether/Nick Flynn
4. Super Sad True Love Story/Gary Shteyngart
5. No Man's Land/Eula Biss
6. Nadja/Andre Breton
7. To the Lighthouse/Virginia Woolf
8. Bluets/Maggie Nelson
9. Bossypants/Tina Fey
10. California/Jennifer Denrow
11. A Visit from the Goon Squad/Jennifer Egan
12. D.V./Diana Vreeland
13. Night Fisher/R. Kikuo Johnson
14. We Are Doomed/Brad Liening
15. My Misspent Youth/Meghan Daum
16. The Balloonists/Eula Biss
17. Anagrams/Lorrie Moore (re-read)
18. Sad Little Breathing Machine/Matthea Harvey
19. Hunger Games/Suzanne Collins
20. Catching Fire/Suzanne Collins
21. The Imperfectionists/Tom Rachman
22. The Lover's Dictionary/David Levithan
23. New Age of Ferociousness/Jeannie Hoag
24. Things Fall Apart/Chinua Achebe
25. So Long a Letter/Mariama Bâ
26. Hard Times/Charles Dickens
27. Wedding Song/Naguib Mahfouz
28. Ways of Dying/Zakes Mda
29. The Marriage Plot/Jeffrey Euginides
30. Matigari/Ngugi wa Thiong'o
31. Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me?/Mindy Kaling
32. Blue Nights/Joan Didion
33. Treasure Island!!!/Sara Levine

Books I began but didn't finish (I'm very strict about what officially goes in the paper log): Wuthering Heights, Invisible Man, The Crying of Lot 49, Silas Marner

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Sommer said...

I'm happy to have made the list. Good luck on your tour! It looks so very very fun!