Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Opening Day of Writing Season

Today is my first writing day of summer 2012. Every week, I will have two of these. They are shiny, precious gems, after a spring that was daunting, exhausting, and sometimes terrifying. My novel came out, I took four classes at Brooklyn College, and I worked two jobs.

Dear writing days, I hold you in my palms and I kiss you.

My new friend Courtney Maum just wrote a great series for Tin House called Super Sad True Habits of Highly Effective Writers. Here are my super sad true habits.

Step 1: Dress in fitness outfit as if sometime, maybe, later on, possibly you might do something athletic today.

Step 2: Decide your apartment is completely unworkable and go out for coffee. Bring the thing you're supposed to be writing with you. Stare at it for 1.5 hours.

Step 3: Come home, clean entire apartment, but especially your desk.

Step 4: Make extremely good playlist that reminds you of being 15.

Step 5: Time to write. Time for interior monologue. Should I go for a run? No, I should write! My desk is clean! But really I should go for a, write! WRITE WRITE WRITE

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