Monday, May 21, 2012


Laughing Lotus, NYC
I have been thinking a lot about space lately: what is mine/where to find it/how to create more of it.

A little less than a year ago, I moved out of the apartment where I'd lived for three years. I left behind a mint green desk, two windows from which I could hear birds and kids riding bikes, and a terrace. I gained a boyfriend, a cat, and a washer & dryer...but modern amenities can't really make up for the room I lost—the small, single room that was 100% mine.

Our cat hates when I'm at my desk. She hates when I'm on my laptop, hates when I'm on the phone, hates when I play music.

It's very hard to write here.

This summer, I'll be tackling a lot of writing projects, including the novel I started in December 2010. I imagine I'll be spending a lot of time in coffee shops.

Space is a luxury in New York. It's never taken for granted. On the subway, when we're locked into our earbuds and our books, we're creating space/the illusion of privacy. I also feel a sense of space when I go to the dance studio where I've taught for four years, and I can run around barefoot. My yoga mat is a space. An old friend described yoga/pilates as a reminder (esp. for writers) that we're not just existing from the neck up.

How do you make space?


Anonymous said...

Taking a deeper breath than I thought possible.

Reaching the apex of the tallest point in sight.

Good earphones (Bose) and a good album.

And yoga, always yoga.

Sabra said...

I'm a country girl at heart- grew up on three acres complete with a pond and a creek. But college life felt crowded and I've lived in London and in downtown Auckland. I used to pine for space in those I'd go write in cemeteries!

Eric Ziegenhagen said...

I've been taking the red line to the purple line, to the end of the line at Linden, then walking for 20 minutes through lush streets to my coffee shop in the woods. It works well. I think the warmup train ride and the walk make a difference. All of this is to say: I would recommend taking a commuter train to a Starbucks at Rye, Greenwich, somewhere like that.