Monday, July 9, 2012

The Bachelorette, Season 8, Episode 5


I know I sound like I'm on my death bed, but 
I don't want them to think that I'm not having fun. 

Good girls are hard to come by. 
Isn't that cool?

I want a guy that doesn't take himself too seriously.
I, myself, am taking this very seriously.

Please enjoy your short imprisonment.
You kind of learn what they're into and 

then maybe you'll get into it. 
The good part is: you kiss his lips 

and some poison is left to kill your own self.
May the best Romeo win.

I think loving someone is giving yourself completely 
to them, giving them an eternal kind of love.

I really like my kisses with Sean.
Sean is totally my prisoner of love tonight.

It's all or nothing: that's kind of the theme of this 
whole endeavor. Fuck my life, man.

I want something that lasts forever 
and that I'm so sure of.

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